Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to quickly delete pictures from your iPhone

  Since my iPhone has become my camera of choice, I tend to accumulate 1000’s of pictures to the point to where I frequently max out the available space.  This will typically become most noticeable when I am at my son’s basketball game and I decide to film him playing, only to run out of room on my phone.  
polka dots, dots, abstract, teal, lime green, fuchsia
IF I HAD A PICTURE that had anything to do with my blog post, I would  have added it here.  Instead, I added some eye candy.  Or iCandy, as I call it.  
  To remedy this situation and keep my phone roomy and spacious, I came across a way to delete all the pictures on my phone one at a time, a 100 at a time, or all at once.  Yes, you can tap on each picture on your phone one at a time, but, there has to be a better way, right?
  Turns out it is very simple:
1.) Connect your phone to your computer via your USB cable.
2.) You will not be going in to iTunes, and instead, you will go in to ImageCapture.  To do this, on your beloved Mac, go to FINDER, go to GO, scroll down to APPLICATIONS.  This will pop up a small window and in there it will have a list on the left side - scroll to APPLICATIONS - all APPLICATIONS will show up to the right.  Scroll down to IMAGE CAPTURE.
3.) In IMAGE CAPTURE, your phone and other available devices, if any, will pop up on the left side.  
4.) Click on your iPHONE, and all PICTURES will pop up to the left - hit CLOVERLEAF (COMMAND) + A to select all pictures, or hit SHIFT and select pictures in groups.
5.) At the bottom of the IMAGE CAPTURE screen is a RED CIRCLE with a line through it - click the icon to delete all the pictures you just selected.  It will pop up a dialogue box asking you if you want to delete the pictures, as the action can not be undone.